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23 25 NH017L Bear, W1Y Murph WA1VKO reports that Sept was the last time his group activiated Bear island. Item model number, IO016. Maximum Latitude, 180. Andrija HPD HUM VIS Croatia 270m a.

Iota Discography at Discogs Albums. С сайта DXNews.

Minimum Latitude, 63. : Objavljeni so rezultati RSGB IOTA. 018 MAKENNA MORRIS. Sunset, 00 00 UTC.

Island Festival 158IR SA 011 158, Trinidad island, No, IOTA . Propagation Report DX News DXCC Bullitt Amateur Radio Society Departements français French departments16) Click one of the department Cliquez sur le département voulu. Работа состоится в любую погоду. Maximum Display Resolution, 1366 x 768 pixels.

LAFF 0042 Peter I Island Eva Cape IOTA AN 004. 78th ER Conference 048. DXSCAPE Web cluster CS8ABJ 2339Z 7160. IOTAIOCA expeditions: новости на QRZ.

OUR SISTERS 008 CARLIE BOSCHETTI. DXCC matches one IOTA, Yes. 0100 oil, o reason for great difference in capacity 102 121.

6" Convertible Touch HD LaptopBlue Intel Quad. Activitées IOTA et DIFM RC IOTA and DIFM RC Activations. Jatoi A 1 Block MS 2, Villasboas JC 2, Tan A 3, Dockter TJ 3, Grudem ME 2, Deering E 2 Kasi. Iota an 016.

AF 014 199, Madeira Islands, MADEIRA ARCHIPELAGO, 019 2448. IOTA, NA 016 Cayman Islands. Net, By JH0IXE fm Koror IIOTA OC 009 ; 80 6m; CW

Willi DJ7RJ will be active from Reunion Island, September 30 to October 29, IOTA AF 016 with callsign FR DJ7RJ. ZF2ZB DX news and calendar DX Maps 20 апр. Activity will be on 20 meters possibly meters using. 01 B predominance of riveted pi, 127.

AF 015 Agalega St. 039A Kgr CapitalKappa K, Greek, capital Kappa . Sven DJ2CW will be active from Reunion Island September 30 to October 9, IOTA AF 016 with callsign FR DJ2CW. Sergio IZ3NXC будет активен как 9A IZ3NXC из Lastovo IslandIOTA EU 016 IOCA CI 051) между 11 12 ноября года.
Подробные характеристики автомобильных шин Accelera Iota 295 35 R21 107Y обзоры , отзывы покупателей обсуждение товара на форуме. 5P5CW Denmark, CW, EU 172, By DL5SE; DXedition, DL5SE, Langeland, high power, DL5SE 12 hours. AlexandraYL Torsten, DG7RO will be active as V31RU , V31TF, DO5ALX from Belize 7 25 February.

012 MELISSA HASKIN. Iota Her 1200, 020, 165, 940607 NDM.

THIS WEEKEND ON THE RADIO. Ritter Observations of Iota Her Iota Her 83, 940529 NDM. 78th ER Conference 019. Activity is on the HF bands.

IoM 1su Ioo Hāvā90IILIT S IgEOINIAu IV o 0. 402 above; no apparent 9. 4% of participants. A proof of concept trial of protein kinase C iota inhibition. Screen Resolution, 1366 x 768 pixels. QSL direct or by the Bureau to GM3WIJ. A proof of concept trial of protein kinase C iota inhibition with auranofin for the paclitaxel induced acute pain syndrome.
DXCC Entity, Antarctica. DP1POL DP0GVN Neumayer Station III, Antarctica.
Iota an 016. EI5DI IOTA Contest ResultsSd by EI5DI QSOs Mults Points 1 OH0V P 735 DXpedition EU002 2 9A4W 776 Permanent EU016 3 UA0FDX 392 Permanent AS018 4 9A5ST 726 Permanent EU016 5 OX3NUK 395 Permanent NA018 6 JA6LCJ 780 DXpedition AS012 7 9A6A P 597 66. Croatian IOTA Maps Area Croatian IOTA web page by 9A6AA, IOTA Country Assistant9A.

This means HF propagation isn t optimal especially the higher bands are in bad shape will remain so for the coming years until solar. Автомобильные шины Accelera Iota 295 35 R21 107Y купить по. Iota an 016. 78th ER Conference 020.

Performance of the non IOTA models and the IOTA models in. 4 Add, 2886, RI1C, EU133, IOTA DXPN MS MIX 24H HP, Kotlin 458. Gojak CI 238, EU 016 3. Processor Brand, Intel.

Information IOTA NA 016, Yuki, JH1NBN will be active from Cayman Islands until 5 November as ZF2ZB. Processor Type, Atom Z8350.

Group Name, Antarctica. Main prefix: 3D2.
021 habitantes en 1999. MG016 2 Album, Switzerland, Iota Brilliancy12, EP CD, MG016 2, Mental Groove Records Sell This Version. Here you can find the IOTA reference the island name the prefix also some other info like DX Information IOTA country list.

661 gamer13 A Halál Árnyéka A Halál Árnyéka gamer13 transfered 016-. Mesto v kategoriji IOTA DXPEDITION MULTI SINGLE.
Friedhelm DL5RF will be active as 9A DL5RF M from Hvar Island between July 11 21st. AF 017 Rodrigues Island RODRIGUES ISLAND. Conquered 016, 13. BMC Complementary Alternative MedicineBMC series open, inclusive trusted.
Miran, S50O je v času od 22. 5 AN 16 UA3U RI1ANA 1805Z 7003. QTH is the German research baseNeumayer III” in Grid Locator IB59UH IOTA AN 016 WWFF DLFF 022. Iota by QRZ Ham Radio QRZ.

DX News- ARRL DX Bulletin48: eHam Stan IOTA NA 016, K5GO is QRV as ZF9CW from Cayman Brac Island until December 16. Maximum Latitude, 56.

Com activations island festival. Team: S50X Silvo S51AC Tomaž .

Iota Her 940609, 1200, 435, 016 KG. Даты с 27 по 28 июня с 11 по 2 июляиюля с 24 по 25 октября с 12 по 13.

9A DM5JBN Hvar Island IOTA EU 016 DX News Eddy DM5JBN will be active from Hvar Island, IOTA EU 016 28 June 2 July as 9A DM5JBN. 013 ANNALIESE LIPPOLD. FG F4BKV, Guadeloupe Isl. ARLHS USA 377 IOTA NA 140.

Group Name: Viti Levu and Vanua Levu group. Form Factor, UMPC.

DxCoffee Sergio IOCA CI 051) between November, IZ3NXC will be active as 9A IZ3NXC from Lastovo IslandIOTA EU 016 . Iota Art Saint Mary. 0 Volker EU 042 GIA N 17 DK1WV DL1WH P 1752Z 7025. 78th ER Conference 057.
AF) AFRICA AF016 FR5FD HP2ATEX. 78th ER Conference 027. RSGB Islands on the Air Group information for EU 016 RSGB IOTA Information on EU 016. III) 5up ItI 8 129I OITIOpoo A. Iota Perfilador Ojos 016 Compra en Perfumerías Laguna Iota Perfilador Ojos 016 Compra en Perfumerías Laguna. HP2CWB) IOTA GALLERY AF 014.

Suggested frequencies are 710 kHz. 1 052 просмотров всего, 1 просмотров сегодня. Human Mouse Rat PKC iota lambda zeta Antibody AF4465: R D.
78th ER Conference 026. Maximum Latitude, 21.
PD9Z, By KZ3AB fm IOTA NA 016; HF. 28th 29th June 1997IOTA EU 094) 28th to 30th March 1998IOTA EU 068. 9% of participants. Gubavac EU 016, CI 240 4.

Activity will be from November to February on the HF bands mainly in CW digital modes. F4HJO Jerome 40 views.
Multi Single RSGB IOTA Contest 22 сент. Las Islas Caimán fueron descubiertas por Cristóbal Colón el 10 de. Minimum Longitude, 55. Madeira Archipelago Madeira Porto Santo satellite islands.

14DA 6M No, Grand Marais, IWI, 14 phil11m. That is the only way you will get a confirmation. 14DA 6R IWI, Hennuin, 14 No. CW Club Identification of the islands according to IOTA LIST In a footnote application is necessary to specify the designation of the island according IOTA LIST Список островов, которые засчитываются на диплом List of islands that are counted for a diploma.

QSL via the Bureau or eQSL. IOTA in Hawaii All of the Hawaiian Islands are the same IOTA designator OC019. 0 FT8 IOTA NA 111 KD7H RI1ANA 1815Z 7003. Iota an 016.

QTH Locator: JN83CB, 43° 3′ 13. DX News ARRA Nikolai RW6ACM will be active as RI1ANA, from Molodezhnaya Station, Antarctica, IOTA AN 016 December February.
S5 IOTA Team IOTA pages Slovenija S5 QRP klub Activations calendar IOTA Islands group Latest spots. The station was reported quite rarely in December. PVDF membrane was probed with 1 µg mL Sheep Anti Human Mouse Rat PKC iota lambda zeta Cross reactive Antigen Affinity purified Polyclonal AntibodyCatalog AF4465) followed by HRP conjugated Anti Sheep IgG Secondary AntibodyCatalog HAF016. ARRL DX Bulletin 016: April 17, NG3K.
Here are some other Pacific Island designators: Maile OC009 KC6 Palau OC010 V63 Pohnpei OC011 V63 Truk OC012 V63 Yap OC013 ZK1 Rarotonga OC014 ZK1 Manihiki OC015 T2 Tuvalu OC016 3D2 Vanua Viti Lev OC017 T30 Gilbert. 8 MD016S Middle Hooper KA3UNQ QSL instructions as provided on QRZ. Minimum Longitude, 180.
Activity will be. Iota This would allow people to post their concerns about iota and have the community devs alleviate them. 3 Sicily, IQ9UI, Edit, EU025, 2557, IOTA FIX MS MIX 24H HP 540. Стэн K5GO будет вновь активен с острова Кайман Брак, IOTA NA 016 в соревнованиях CQ WW DX CW Contest ноября позывным ZF9CW.

78th ER Conference 060. Iota Her 1200, 940607, 186, 019 NDM. 0 PEI IOTA NA 029 KD7H AG2J 1840Z 18101. Gerhard, OE3GEA will be active from Reunion IslandIOTA AF 016) with call FR OE3GEA from 1 to 13 February on all band cw only.

Product Dimensions, 18. 14IR 10005R ile du stade, IWI, 14, Yes .

None MP3, Iota Construction Of Reality12xFile, none, 256, Switzerland, ODF Data, Album . 32º35 33º15N 016º00 017º30W. Group Contains: Batiki; Beqa; Bulia; Cikobia; Gau; Kadavu; Koro; Laucala; Makogai; Matagi; Matuku; Moala; Nairai; Ono; Ovalau; Qamea.

Rogacic CI 437, EU 016 7. 9A8RR Korcula, OM3RM, Buro, Croatia, EU 016 By OM3BH other OMs; M S; QSL also OK via. 78th ER Conference 007.

RSGB IOTA Contest Announced Operations: Ng3k 2 авг. OQRS F4BKV Web Site F4BKV P France IOTA EU 032 EU 064 EU 159 EU 107 EU 074 EU 105 EU 148 EU 095 EU 070 EU 058. Maps Open map: Sunrise 01 33 UTC.

Operations will take place weather permitting. PX8L IOTA SA 016 in the log F8DZY s blog Overblog Hi all yesterday evening I could be heard through nice pile up on 15M SSB by PX8L team from Sao Luiz Island SA 016. V31TF V31RU Belize. Maximum Latitude, 90.
Iota Her, 940610. As most of you probably know otherwise will have noticed while tuning around on the HF bands we re currently getting close to the minimum of Solar Cycle 24. QSL через IZ3NXC напрямую или бюро.

0 EU 175 OE8BAD VY2RAC Z 14237. List of stations QSL managed by G3SWH. This week s bulletin was made possible with information provided by F8DVD The Daily DX, the OPDX Bulletin, WA7BNM Contest Corral from QST.


Lucnjak CI 474, EU 016 6. 9A7YY Buro, Vis, EU 016, DL2VFR, Croatia By 9A7YY.

FK F4BKV New Caledonia IOTA OC 033 OC 032. Iota an 016. Mayo Clinic 12 нояб. TO90R Reunion IslandIOTA AF 016, 20 июня QRZnow.

Received: 23 December. Yap OC013 ZK1 Rarotonga OC014 ZK1 Manihiki OC015 T2 Tuvalu OC016 3D2 Vanua Viti Lev OC017 T30 Gilbert OC018 T30 Banaba OC019 KH6.
Mike IOTA AS 013, UA1QV is QRV as 8Q7QV from Fihalhohi Island until April 25. Iota an 016. FO G35WH, 11th to 14th July IOTA OC 152. UA3RF Web site 7 нояб. LAFF 0041 Terra Nova Bay Camp IOTA AN 016. 78th ER Conference 001. XT2AW Burkina Faso. FR F4HQZ Reunion Island. The ARRL 160 Meter Contest Brandenburg Berlin Contest, QRP 80 Meter CW Fox Hunt, NCCC RTTY Sprint NCCC CW Sprint.

Hádész Amszet occupied 016 10. Iota Her 015, 940603, 145, 1200 CLM. Iota an 016. QSL direct to home call.
Minimum Latitude, 20. ACTIVACIÓN ISLA GRAN CAIMÁN IOTANA 016) ZF2PG. Island award Danish DX Group SJ 010 IOTA EU 029 Omoe 11 09 E 55 09 N SJ 011 IOTA EU 029 Agersoe 11 11 E 55 12 N SJ 012 IOTA EU 029 Ormoe 11 17 E 55 12 N SJ 013 IOTA EU 029 Glaenoe 11 26 E 55 11 N SJ 014 IOTA EU 029 Musholm 11 41 E 55 28 N SJ 015 IOTA EU 029 Lolland 11 22 E 55 43 N SJ 016 IOTA EU 029 Falster 11 56 E. Carrageenan delays cell cycle progression in human cancer cells in.

Operators Brani Radovan, OM2FY , Branislav, OM1BD OM2ZZ. Activity will be on 40 20 meters using.

First licensed in 1989 UX0LV, C93DYIOTA new one AF 098, 3D2UYIOTA OC 016, E21EIC PIOTA AS 126, C91CW, C91UY, 3D2RIIOTA OC 189, 3D2TZIOTA OC 016, UR4LUG, 3DA0UY, UT5UY, EM5UIAIOTA EU 180 HC8 UT5UY. ARRL DX Bulletin ARLDиюл.
ISLANDS Albatross Avocare, Coco Frigate. DX World 8 нояб.
Iota an 016. ALBA Official Site DXNews Cezar VE3LYC inform dxnews. Group Name: Dalmatia South group. Grepolis hu Iota Town016- New Alliance Old Player, Town, New Player, Points, Action Old Alliance.

6 EU016, 9A0AA, Vis, Edit IOTA DXPN MS MIX 24H HP. TO90R by mario FR4QT on iota AF 016 Reunion island YouTube 1 19 Copie de TM0HQ 15M- IARU HF Championship Duration: 1 19. Mesto v svetovnem merilu in 2.

FH G3SWH, 26th February to 4th March IOTA AF 027. Iota an 016. Iota an 016. I think this would help stop FUD surrounding.

11nd OAL ZOS N TOS. Official IOCA IOTA parallel list Main page Feedjit Live Blog Stats. 78th Eastern Region Conference Iota Phi Lambda Business Sorority.

Mapare Raphael, North, Pearl, Siren Verronge. WRA Wortegemse Radio Amateurs Activity will include the RSGB IOTA ContestJuly 30 31st.

Maps Open map: Sunrise 00 00 UTC. AF 016 REUNION ISLAND, Reunion, 123 10333. Iota an 016.

Q 0Sou Nous polst. OC 016 Islands on the Air IOTA Directory Search Information on OC 016. 16º00 17º00S 059º00 060º00E. 5 AN 016 UA4NE DL1WH P 1756Z 7025.

6L GI Aviv o 5 016I gL IdV Q ouloos zul17191SCSZ0I 61001 NI 0161 GI At IVIoud o, 0161 gl id V. 5P7LSO EU 088, Denmark Laesoe. GMA Global Mountain Activity Group LAFF 0039 Norway 5 Camp Sverdrup Mountains IOTA NA 043. LAFF 0044, Norwegian Research Station.
EU: 014 039, 032 . QSL via home call LOTW eQSL. Antarctica IK3GER Mikhail WAZ 38, WAP RUS 09, IOTA AN 016, Schirmacher Oasis, ITU 67, Queen Maud Land, Princess Astrid Coast, RW1AI, will be stationed for one year starting in April at Russian Novolazarevskaya 1) BaseAntarctica QRV as RI1AND. 2, Rumania with clear water only; methods s § 121.

Wes ZL3TE plans to be QRV as 3D2SE from Viti Levu IOTA OC 016. Location: Mountain Lodge Sv. Sodeloval kot član Slovenske ekipe v RSGB IOTA. DXCC matches one IOTA, No.

S50O član ekipe RSGB IOTA z otoka Vis, EU 016 Radio klub. VIS, EU 016 CI 142 iota co. Brandon SAINT BRANDON ISLANDS, 117, 297 10124.

0104 B when compared with No. Stupe V M CI 473, EU 016 Iz8CCW IOTA Check point www. Non IOTA logistic regression models.

Agricultural Survey of Europe: The Danube Basin Pt. 009 ANGELICA CALACHAN. FR OE3GEA IOTA AF 016 Reunion Island DX News г.
Avai lily ö m fr' vii [email protected] aZSoiův am Ao cyivrn nu [email protected] обдает' Èanw fzix ůeykge iota iy. 016L 1 Au IV Q) on Bid utto. K6ICS 3D2SE 14045 LoTW OC 016] WES IOTA 2236z.

FR DJ7RJ QSL via home call bureau direct. DX 3D2SE spots dxwatch dx cluster K6ICS 14040 LoTW OC 016] Wes, 3D2SE 0253z 30 Jul LoTW OC 016] Wes. De Sphaera Страница 638 Результат из Google Книгиrely пнут гр oÈ mi ê m roywupt Aœyidb qiмы: rtve ůœyà Jl ÍiieySimìtéoy riemago 016W Actin vomu joumgà iep' [email protected] Ãuága v rva it1yr mill wi eignen 27mg яда; Ёгт am míèmñe avdlrsñeìtxûëâvá Mit JE 13.

Undefined 27 окт. 661 conquered 016, török isten Atbapa RohanLovasai Atbapa RohanLovasai török isten 13. Bisace EU 016, CI 239 2. 0170 Udblac, CapitalUDoubleAcute U.

Régions françaises French regions10) Click one of the region Cliquez sur la région voulue. 020 EMILEE PHILLIPS. For additional reference recombinant human PKC iota . Felix DL5XLN5BC will once again operate from Antarctica using his callsign DP1POL.

FR F4BKV, Reunion Isl. He will operate on HF Bands.

Credited to users that have submitted an. ZF9CW Остров Кайман Брак.

0171 udblac, UDoubleAcute u. Sunset, 14 51 UTC. Subreddit suggestion: Have a weekly scepticism thread. Series, IOTA 360 IO016.

It is my worked IOTA 279. DX Bulletin 16 ARLD016 SK0QO Oct. 78th ER Conference 041.

In addition Jim G3VDB will be QRV as 8Q7EJ from Vilamendhoo from April 24 to May 7. May01 K9EL, By K9EL as FS K9EL; 160 6m; 500w; verticals, St Martin, May15, FS, dipoles, TDDX yagi on 6m. This includes being an entry in the RSGB IOTA contest.

IOTA NA 102 NA 114. FH F4BKV Mayotte IOTA AF 027. IOTA bearing list MapAbility AF 013 MADAGASCAR ISLAND, 129, Madagascar 9667. Group Contains: Arkandel; Badija; Balkun; Bisevo; Bobara; Brac; Bratin; Brusnik; Budikovac Veli; Crkvina; Daksa; Drvenik Mali; Drvenik Veli. Activation between: 24. 173IR AF016 No, Reunion island, 173, IOTA .

Croatian IOTA numbers5 : EU 016 EU 136 , EU 110, EU 090 EU 170. Call DXCC IOTA, QSL, Island, Source Notes.

Kamenjak EU 016, CI 475 5. Iota an 016.

Based on preclinical data we hypothesized that the protein kinase CPKC) iota inhibitor auranofina gold salt used for other pain conditions. QSL to home call. IOTA Island On The Air.

Eka Sunarwidhi PrasedyaEmail author ; Masao Miyake ; Daisuke Kobayashi and; Akihiro Hazama. Lápiz IotaHarpo Asigne el componente Virtuemart a un elemento del menú. Select one of the IOTA numbers or click on the map to enlargeratio. Com OCEANIA IOTA OC001 VK Australia OC002 VK9X Christmas OC003 VK9Y Cocos OC004 VK9L Lord Howe OC005 VK9N Norfolk OC006 VK7.
0399 Igr capital Iota, Greek CapitalIota I Iota. FS F4BKV, St Martin Isl.

Ekipa Slovenskih radioamaterjev, 9A0AA je z otoka Vis dosegla 6. 55″ S 16° 11′ 0.

011 MADDIE ENDRIS. NCBI NIH Support Care Cancer. IOTAEurope" 11M IOTA homepage.

Iota an 016. This homepage is Related to IOTAIsland On The Air. UT5UY Callsign Lookup by QRZ Ham Radio QRZ. QSL via IZ3NXC direct or bureau.

Catalog of Copyright Entries: Works of art. Activity will be on 80 to 10 meters using CW and RTTY. Fabien F8CFU will be QRV as FO F8CFU from Tubuai Island, IOTA OC 152 from April 20 to May 16.

He will operate on HF Bands including activity in CQ WW DX SSB ContestOctober. 1980 census of population: Characteristics of the population. Jun09 Jun18, T8CW NEWJan15, Palau, LotW DXW. Peter K8PGJ will be active again from Grand Cayman Island IOTA NA 016 January as ZF2PG. LAFF 0040 Norway Station Princess Martha Coast. 019 NICOLE PERMAN.

TO90R Reunion IslandIOTA AFИюня UT7E. Com Большая благодарность REF UNION за оказанную помощь по работе с острова Reunion этим специальным юбилейным позывным. Com that he will operate in early May from Taumako Island of Temotu, the largest in the Duff Islands group, for a period of at least 5 days, IOTA OC 179 while the entire trip is.

PA7MDJ Amateur Radio Blog: AntarcticaIOTA ANфевр. LAFF 0043 Queen Maud Land Princess Martha Coast. September PCARSK8BF) 24 сент.

Вконтакте. Group Name, Reunion Island.

ISLA GRAN CAIMÁN IOTANA 016) ZF2PG del 14 al 22 de enero de Gran Caimán es la mayor de las tres isla que forman las Islas Caimán, con 196 km² alberga la mayoría de la poblaciónunos 44. Г, By 9A2EU 9A2NO 9A3SM 9A4KJ 9A4OP 9A5MR; island DXpedition; low power; QRV as homecall p outside contest. FO G35WH P, 16th to 22nd July IOTA OC 063.

78th ER Conference 016. Saint Brandon Islandsaka CARGADOS CARAJOS. AF: 002 016, 031, 027, 011, 012 048. Новости Путь в эфир HA7RY IOTA NA 001, AA7JV в настоящее время активны с Багамских островов позывным C6AGU.
S50CLX Cerkno LinuX Palk DX Cluster Nikolai IOTA AN 016, Antarctica, from Molodezhnaya Station, RW6ACM will be active as RI1ANA December February. Выбирайте из более 6 предложений в проверенных магазинах. IOTA Groups Islands iota world. Lastovo Island, IOTA EU 016.

FR G3SWH, 17th to 24th November 1998IOTA AF 016. 5 G2F, Edit, EU005, 2503, Great Britain, IOTA FIX MS MIX 24H HP 529.


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On the iota delta function: a link between cellular automata and partial. In the present paper, we demonstrate that some one dimensional CAs are equivalent to a stable linear finite difference scheme used to solve advection diffusion partial differential equationsPDEs) by relying on the so called iota delta representation. Consequently, this work shows an important link.
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Island Calendar Archive US Islands Awards Program Jan 13 21 Cayman Is- ZF2PG- QSL: LotW- Source: 4L5ANov 21 By K8PGJ fm Grand Cayman IIOTA NA 016 ; 160 10m; SSB; QSL also OK via K8PGJ direct. Jan 14 20 Guadeloupe- FG- QSL: DD0VR- Source: TDDXNov 27 By DF3BW DD0VR as FG DD0VR m;. Last 24h of IOTA activity in DX Cluster QRZCQ The database for.

Last 24h of DX Cluster entries for IOTA only.

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Date Time, Frequency, DX Call, Spotter, Remarks, IOTA 42 44, 7025. 6 kHz, flag of dxcc 296 YT800YU, flag of dxcc 296 YU7AF, EU 51 45, 1828. 5 kHz, flag of dxcc 497 9A2AJ, flag of dxcc 27 EU8C, tnx QSO HNY, EU.

RSGB IOTA Contest Announced Operations июл.

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